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Shehnaaz Gill enjoys the monsoon in Mumbai with the farmers. View video

Shehnaaz Gill

the almost 10-minute video, Gill is shown traveling to a beautiful waterfall. Along the path to the waterfall, she engages in conversation with villagers and assists them with paddy growing. At one point, the actor-singer elaborates on the benefits of spending time alone in nature, noting, “I am by myself right now, and I am content. Everyone should have this opportunity to experience inner serenity.”

Later, Shehnaaz Gill joked that her filthy slippers will fetch crores because they are covered in the muck of her country.

The movie was uploaded on YouTube with the following description: “There is nothing better than spending a day without connectivity and appreciating nature. I’ve heard that Mumbai has the best monsoons, so let’s go trekking and enjoy the monsoons along the way. The experience was bizarre; I worked on farms, experimented with echolocation, and walked for hours, and the overall result was stunning.”

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