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Shehnaaz Gill is astonished when Kapil Sharma says his flirtation on The Kapil Sharma Show is “scripted”

Shehnaaz Gill

As soon as Kapil Sharma and Shehnaaz Gill meet, you can expect hysteria to ensue. To promote his new film Zwigato, Kapil appeared on Shehnaaz’s celebrity talk show, “Desi Vibes with Shehnaaz Gill.”

Shehnaaz played a practical joke on Kapil by claiming that he always flirts with the female guests on his show. She informed Kapil that she is disappointed that he did not respond to her comment on one of his social media posts, and she continued, “I have your phone, I can contact you as well… Yet, I dislike calling you, as you may be with your girlfriend or wife.”

In response to Shehznaaz’s assertions, Kapil stated, “When a man has a wife, he does not have any girlfriends.” Shehnaaz then remarked, “You flirt all day on your show. As someone enters the room, you continue to flirt with them. Shehnaaz was left incredulous by Kapil’s assertion that it was all scripted.

“That’s not the case; it’s in the script. I do not engage in mazaak with any and sundry.” When Shehnaaz expressed amazement that flirting was written into the screenplay, Kapil responded, “You won’t believe it, but the channel has requested me to… Once I got married, I used to feel awkward when a heroine appeared on the show, and I would wonder what I would say to them. As I had children, I became even more serious, therefore I would not discuss their film from that perspective. So they (the channel) emailed me, citing a survey, that I was missing this feature.

Therefore, I had them provide my wife a copy of the email so she wouldn’t feel insulted (when I flirt). As the peacock is India’s biggest bird, so am I, Kapil declared.

Shehnaaz stated further that Kapil’s flirting with ladies on the show should not be taken seriously, saying, “Everywhere Kapil Sharma flirts with women on his show is staged. But, he is so talented that he adds a humorous twist to the writing. Don’t take him seriously when the heroines appear on the show or when he flirts with you. He is very happy with his wife, Ginny, and he adores her.

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