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Shehnaaz Gill sobs on her talk program and says she cannot express her actual emotions

Shehnaaz Gill

Fans adore Shehnaaz Gill is honest personality, but in the most recent edition of her talk show Desi Vibes, the actor revealed that she is sometimes reluctant to let her guard down since some internet trolls feel she is attempting to gain sympathy.

Her most recent episode included actor Ayushmann Khurrana, who termed her “courageous” during a conversation about revealing their emotions in public since she is not scared to be herself. “I admire your courage in sharing your feelings. Jo bola chahte ho bol date ho, which is extremely courageous, is extremely courageous. You have tremendous courage because you express your feelings. You speak whatever you want to say, which is gutsy.)” Shehnaaz Gill responded that she has also begun to avoid from expressing her true feelings.

She admitted, “Meri life has been full of emotional moments, but I’m not going to talk about any of them. I’ve had emotional moments throughout my life, but I’ve never discussed them with anyone. People believed I was attempting to elicit pity),” and as she said this, she burst into tears. She questioned herself, “Why am I crying?”

In 2021, Shehnaaz Gill lost her dear friend, the actor Sidharth Shukla. Since their time on Bigg Boss, the two had been close, and Shehnaaz had frequently proclaimed her affection for him on the show. Their admirers referred to them as “sidnaz.”

As Shehnaaz regained her composure, Ayushmann stated that because artists are emotional by nature, “it is perhaps best that we don’t always reveal our actual selves.” Shehnaaz brushed away her tears and questioned the actor from Anek, “Mujhe aap kyu emotional lag rahe ho it?”

Ayushmann said to Shehnaaz that he is unable to discuss his emotions and that opening up becomes increasingly difficult as one’s popularity increases. “I cannot freely express my emotions. As your achievement increases, you must learn to suppress your feelings. People won’t understand, and they won’t be able to sympathize,” he remarked.

When Shehnaaz suggested they should not care what others say, Ayushmann responded, “Emotions dikhao. We’re all in this together—your friends, your siblings, and your parents. Demonstrate your feelings in front of your friends, family, and parents. Show it to those who care; do not express it in front of those who do not care.”

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