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Shehnaaz Gill’s Haryanvi verse on this exotic music leaves you wanting more. watch song

Shehnaaz Gill's

For all Shehnaaz Gill’s, the long wait is finally over! The new Shehnaaz Gill and MC Square song titled “Ghani Syaani” is finally out. Shehnaaz is also seen enchanting her fans with her lovely voice, in addition to appearing extremely seductive and glamorous. The wait was well worth it, and we predict that all Shehnaaz fans will be left wanting more since the actress is a bona fide star in this upbeat song.

The song begins in a desert when MC Square’s character drinks poisoned water from a pond and hallucinates about Shehnaaz Gill’s enigmatic and gorgeous character, with whom he falls instantly in love. The chemistry between MC and Shehnaaz is on fire and adds to the song’s already infectious charm. The song ‘Ghani Syaani’ is a triumph thanks to its cheerful lyrics, rhythms, and captivating visuals.

Shehnaaz Gill’s stunning in her embroidered golden and blue thigh-slit gowns, but the best is when she begins singing a fierce Haryanvi verse from the song. Shehnaaz slays her dance moves and facial expressions while sporting a bangers hairstyle and a beautiful red dress. While performing her verse, the Honsla Rakh actress resembles Katrina Kaif from the song “Kina Sonna” from Phone Bhoot. Take a listen to the music.

The song ‘Ghani Syaani’ is deepened and intensified by a big plot twist at the end. Fans have nothing but positive things to say about the song. One of the admirers remarked, “Her motions, appearance, aura, and singing are all phenomenal.” Another user said, “Wow, I finally saw it. This song merits the highest praise. Wonderful concept… Just Outstanding. Shehnaaz rap in Haryana wow simply fantastic. Both her gorgeous, seductive appearance and her rocking, square voice are flawless. I hope it smashes a lot of records!”Rajat Nagpal wrote the music for the song, and MC Square came up with the words. Agam and Azeem Mann were in charge of the music video.

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