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Shehzada: Kartik Aaryan starrer has recovered more than half its expenditure through music and TV rights? Here are the facts


Kartik Aaryan has become a bankable celebrity, and his upcoming film Shehzada is anticipated with great anticipation. The film will be released on February 17, and there is a tremendous deal of anticipation for it. In addition to performing in the film, Kartik Aaryan is also a producer. Kriti Sanon portrays the female protagonist. While all eyes are on its box office earnings, it appears that Shehzada has already earned more than fifty percent of its budget through its soundtrack, satellite rights, and other sources. How? To find out, continue reading.

Kartik Aaryan’s Shehzada gonna be a hit?
According to, trade expert Nishit Shaw disclosed that Shehzada was produced with a budget of Rs 85 crore, out of which Rs 65 crores have already been earned. Reportedly, the film was sold to OTT behemoth Netflix for approximately Rs 40 crore. Each of the music and satellite rights were sold for Rs 10 crore, and Rs 5 crore was recovered from overseas rights. In total, Rs 65 billion have been recovered, which represents approximately 76% of the budget.

As previously reported, Shehzada is aiming for more than Rs 8 crore on its debut day. If word-of-mouth is positive, Shehzada will quickly become a thriving business. Kartik Aaryan has amassed a tremendous fan base of individuals who are ready to see him on the big screen. Even after the epidemic, when Bollywood films were crashing and burning, Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 was a big success. Will Shehzada relive the past? Let’s observe and wait.

Pathaan, which was released in January and starred Shah Rukh Khan, has performed remarkably well at the box office. It has made about 500 crore rupees on the home market, and is now aiming to join the 1000 crore rupee club with its global box office earnings combined. This year, Shah Rukh Khan undoubtedly set the tone for Bollywood cinema.

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