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Sonu Sood reacts to blood painting fan gift: Donate blood instead

Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood, who is also well-known for his charitable activity, recently received an unusual gift from a fan who wished to thank him for his philanthropic efforts. The admirer presented Sonu with a blood-painted portrait of himself and declared that he would be willing to die for the artist. Sonu thanked the fan but asked him to donate blood instead of using the paint to create a portrait of him.

Sonu retweeted Friday a video of his meeting with fan-artist Madhu Gurjar in which they were both holding the painting. Sonu declared in the video: “He is a skilled artist. My portrait was painted by Bhai Sahab, but…” At this very time, Sonu was interrupted by a fan who boastfully added, “with blood.” Sonu told him, “The fact that you produced it with blood exemplifies your error.”

The admirer stated, “I will lay down my life for you,” while another stated, “You are God.” A third said, “We’ve never seen somebody with a heart as huge as yours.” Sonu stated, amidst supporters’ attempts to justify the picture, “I comprehend, but why use blood? Donate blood in its place.” Sonu concluded the video by soliciting viewer support for the artist and assuring the fan of his constant prayers.

Sonu, who shared the video, reiterated his call for blood donations and stated, “Donate blood instead of wasting it by painting me, my brother. Many many gratitudes.”

Sonu Sood was most recently seen portraying Chand Bardai in the Akshay Kumar film Prithviraj. His next appearance will be in the next Tamil film Thamilarasan. He will also play the lead role in Abhinandan Gupta’s action thriller Fateh, in which he will star in.