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Taapsee Pannu is annoyed by the paparazzi and replies to questions regarding Raju Srivastava

Taapsee Pannu

Taapsee Pannu grew furious with the journalists after they allegedly encircled her and wanted her to talk about the deceased comedian Raju Srivastava. In an Instagram video posted by a paparazzi account, Taapsee said, “Kya bolun (What should I say)?” Wednesday marked the passing of the 58-year-old comedian who had been hospitalized for more than 40 days.

While numerous others blocked Taapsee’s route, someone close discussed Raju’s passing. According to Taapsee, “(Moving aside to create way for her) Aare bhai sahab, aap ek minute, aap ek minute. Aap hatiye, aap aese mat kariye, thoda hatiye, thoda hatiye, piche hatiye, thoda hatiye, thoda hatiye, thoda hatiye, piche hatiye, thoda hatiye, thoda (Please give me a minute.) Please walk away, refrain from doing this, take a few steps back, etc.” After saying “thank you,” she quickly departed.

In response to a remark on the video that questioned, “Where is her safety? She is responsible for her own protection.” “Fearful woman,” said another. One commentator added, “Her arrogance is rising.” Taapsee “Kangana (Ranaut) 2.0,” an Instgaram user.

Recently, Taapsee grew upset with a photographer who said that her film Dobaaraa garnered negative reviews from reviewers. During a media encounter on the red carpet at the OTT Play Awards 2022, Taapsee warned the crowd, “Chillao mat bhai, these performers have no tameez. Then you would claim that actors have terrible manners.” Taapsee answered to a reporter’s question regarding the alleged “negative campaign” against Dobaaraa by asking, “Kis film ke against nahi chalaya gaya?”

When the journalist pressed her more, she replied, “Please answer my questions, and I will answer yours.” Is it true that Kaunsi film ke saath nahi chalaya gaya? (You answer my question, and I’ll answer yours.) Which film did not have it?” The guy then indicated that Dobaaraa was the target of a nasty campaign. Please do your studies prior to answering any inquiries, Taapsee said.

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