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Tadap Movie Review

Tadap Review: Tara Sutaria suffers from a badly written character that is overshadowed by a narrative that is unfavorably disposed towards her.

Tadap, directed by Milan Luthria and written by Rajat Arora, is a love drama about a guy who is rejected, scorned, and left to suffer. There isn’t a single unique trick in it. However, this is the least of the film’s flaws. Scratch the prettified surface and you’ll discover a sexist diatribe disguised as a film.

Tadap Review, a replica of the Telugu blockbuster RX 100 from 2018, is jam-packed with musical set pieces, romantic diversions, action sequences, and scenic settings. But everything it crams into its two hours and fifteen minutes is entirely eclipsed by its exaltation of mistaken masculinity.

The male protagonist, a rough-hewn lad who refuses to take no for an answer, falls head over heels in love with an MLA’s daughter and learns the hard way that the stirrings of desire do not always lead to a happy ending.

Tadap Review appears to be a traditional love story set in Mussoorie, with a poor guy, Ishaana (Ahan), who falls in love with a rich girl, Ramisha (Tara Sutaria). Her politician father forces her to marry a London businessman (played by Kumud Mishra). However, there is a lot more to the story than meets the eye.

TADAP has an exciting start. The introduction of Ishaan, followed by the initial battle, establishes the tone. Viewers will be interested to learn why Ishana is so enraged and why she has such a dislike for Damodar. A few flashback moments stand out, but overall, the first half is lackluster and clichéd. The second half gets off to a good start, but after a point, it runs out of steam. The way Ishana becomes fascinated with Ramisa and attempts to take her away irritates viewers.

Tadap, directed by Milan Luthria, delivers up raw action peppered with heavyweight monologues, old-school romance, love, deception, bloodshed, and a few poetry lines to lend a touch of comedy.