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Tanuja believes that the film industry has become more ‘corporate’ rather than a family: ‘At the time, filmwaala were not Hindu or Muslim…’


Tanuja claims that the film industry used to be like a “big family” but has now become a corporate institution.

Tanuja, a veteran actor, believes that the film industry is no longer homogeneous as it once was and has become more compartmentalized. The actor, who was most recently seen in the Modern Love Mumbai anthology story ‘Baai,’ recalled how the entire industry used to band together to help a person and pool their resources.

Tanuja spoke to News18 about the changes she has witnessed in the industry over the last few decades. “Progress must be made. The only unfortunate aspect of this progress is that instead of being a family, we have become corporate, and when you become corporate, you become very compartmentalized. In our time, filmwaala bas filmwaala tha… “I’m not a Hindu, Muslim, or Sikh; I’m just a film gala.”

Even if it was a watchman or a light-man who was ill or needed assistance, the industry would come together and we would pool our resources and help this person because he was a film gala,” she continued. In today’s generation – of course, change had to occur, and I am not criticizing this change – I am simply stating that it would be nice if it were the same, but it’s not.” But she later said that an actor who is “alive forever” doesn’t change at all. She continued by saying that ‘formula.’ “Every day I face the camera, every role I play, is a new day and a new experience for me.” So I’m not sure what I’m going to do in that order,” she explained.

‘Baai,’ directed by Hansal Mehta, featured Prateek Gandhi as a closeted gay man struggling to convey his truth to his grandmother, whom he affectionately refers to as Baai, played by Tanuja. Pratik had told Indian Express about his experience working with Tanuja, “She is what charisma is described as.” She simply turned on the screen. We had to climb nearly four flights of stairs for our first scene together. The building did not have a lift and had steep stairs. I assumed she was tired, but as soon as the camera started rolling, her energy level skyrocketed. You had me riveted to your every word and every move.”

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