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The Gray Man: In a new trailer, Dhanush gives Ryan Gosling a tough battle. Watch

The Gray Man

The Russo Brothers have released a sneak peek of an action scene starring Dhanush, Ryan Gosling, and Ana De Armas from their upcoming Netflix feature The Gray Man, which is set to air on July 22. Tuesday, the Russo Brothers released the footage on their Twitter page with the explanation that it introduces Dhanush’s character in the film. Fans of the actor praised the clip in the comments section.

Dhanush makes his international debut in The Gray Man in a minor but crucial part. He will be portrayed as a killer in the film. The Russo Brothers shared the clip in a tweet that stated, “Ladies and gentlemen, we present…@dhanushkraja.” The action sequence in the video takes place inside a hospital. Dhanush is seen wearing a suit and giving Ryan Gosling a difficult fight.

Several Dhanush fans referred to the action footage as “goosebumps material.” A fan commented on the video, “In Tamil films, the protagonist handles up to 20 opponents per fight; this will be a piece of cake.” Another fan remarked, “Ultra swag from D”

Monday at the post-screening press conference in Los Angeles, Dhanush discussed how he became a part of the film. When asked how he landed the role, Dhanush responded, “I have no idea how I ended up in this picture.” His co-stars and everyone else in the room burst out laughing at Dhanush’s reaction. I have little to say about the film. A sense of excitement washed over me as I awaited the chance to study and discover new things.”

The director’s Joe and Anthony Russo recently discussed Dhanush on Twitter Spaces in a conversation about the film. “We hold him in high regard. He served as a model for the character’s design to be based on. Shortly, a brand new movie that stars his character will be launched.

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