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The Internet reacts to a hilarious video of an imitator recreating Shehnaaz Gill’s dialect. It’s not accurate, that’s for sure

Shehnaaz Gill

In addition to hosting a celebrity chat show, Shehnaaz Gill just made her movie debut in Salman Khan’s Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan. Desi Vibes With Shehnaaz Gill has had guests such as Vicky Kaushal and Sara Ali Khan in the past. A social media star and mimicry artist who has published a video of herself replicating Shehnaaz Gill’s ‘cute’ dialect is the person behind the imitation. While some social media users appreciate her mimicry, Shehnaaz Gill admirers believe she was making fun of the actor.

Dharna Durga uploaded a video to Instagram Reels and captioned it “Cutest show host EVER!” Dharna’s video in which she talked a combination of Punjabi and Hindi was admired by certain Instagram users because of her mimicry, facial emotions, body language, and hand gestures. In the video, she spoke both languages. At one point in the footage, she states, “Mere ko na dimag khane mein bada maza aata hai”

Dolly Singh, an actor and social media personality, responded to her’spot-on’ impression of Shehnaaz in the video by writing “INSANEEEEE.” Someone commented, “Very well done, mate.” One more user commented, “Because “one reel is not enough,” I regularly find myself revisiting @dharnaaaaa’s page to view several of her previous reels. Additionally, a comment read, “Itna accurate nahin hona tha Dharnaaaaaaaa (too accurate).” Also, one person commented, “Nice attempt, but Shehnaaz is actually funny when she speaks… perhaps she does it naturally isliye.”

Some were not as impressed as others. One of the reviewers stated that while it was a respectable effort, it was not nearly as good as Shehnaaz. You cannot understand her accent and tone.” One person wrote, “I don’t comprehend why anyone would compare this to Shehnaaz in any way. Except for the use of her words, nothing fits.” Also, a fan wrote, “It’s not funny to make fun of someone’s accent or say they can’t read.” After watching this video, one viewer said, “I dislike this video because it seems to be an act of trolling.”

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