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“They know Shah Rukh Khan,” Anushka Sen says of South Koreans

Shah Rukh Khan

Actress Anushka Sen, who recently traveled to South Korea for her first Korean assignment, has stated that the locals are unfamiliar with Indian film. Anushka said in a recent interview that South Koreans prefer actor Shah Rukh Khan. She also revealed that the populace is familiar with several older Indian films.

Anushka would appear in a Korean web series and a film, she told Hindustan Times earlier this year. Recently, she announced a relationship with a creative agency. Additionally, Anushka will host Not Just A Chat Show.

In a News18 interview, Anushka discussed the Korean population “They consume a large variety of stuff. They have viewed several Hindi films, but their knowledge of the language is limited. Unfortunately, they don’t know that much about our culture, which is why, while I was in Korea, I spent every meeting explaining my culture. Our films, culture, and industry. They know very little about it. However, they know individuals like Shah Rukh Khan. Who is unfamiliar with Shah Rukh Khan? Everyone loves him.”

After that, she continued by saying, “They’ve watched some of the older movies.” I was surprised to learn that they are so enthusiastic about Indian cuisine. And in fact, certain Korean dishes are influenced by Indian spices and curries. Therefore, there is a connection between Korea and India, although a very weak one. However, I foresee it growing stronger in the future given how much we adore them. They enjoy hosting guests. How I was served and welcomed was extremely kind and friendly. I had a wonderful experience and can’t wait to return.”

Anushka is well-known for her portrayal of Meher in the fantasy series Baalveer. She also portrayed Manikarnika Rao (Rani Lakshmi Bai) in the television series Jhansi Ki Rani, a historical drama. She was a contestant on the eleventh season of Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi last year.

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