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Tina Datta breaks down on Bigg Boss 16 after Salman Khan calls her out for spilling Shalin Bhanot’s secrets, “Sir, I’m tired and want to go home”

In the latest Weekend Ka Vaar promo, Salman Khan can be seen criticizing Tina Datta for her recent discussion with Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, in which the actress said that Shalin was desperate to meet her even before the show. Tina started crying and asked to leave the show as soon as Salman told everyone about her. Scroll down to find out what’s so shocking.

Salman Khan is seen admonishing Tina Datta in a recent Bigg Boss 16 promo that has gone viral on the internet. While interacting with the housemates, the superstar made a point of mentioning how she revealed everything about Shalin Bhanot. He was prompt to point out, however, that Tina had kept things hidden for the past 15 weeks. And now that their relationship has soured, the actress has made the revelations. Tina broke down and began sobbing uncontrollably after hearing Salman Khan. “Aur koi limit rakhi hai, koi limit rakhi apne?” the superstar inquired of Tina. Toward which Tina said, I am tired, I desire to go home sir. Har cheez ka mere upar aa raha.”

For those who haven’t seen Bigg Boss 16, the Tuesday episode featured among the ugliest fights among both former friends Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot. Priyanka and Tina lost their cool after Shalin chose to support Nirmit Kaur Ahluwalia. Later, both girls were caught on camera mocking Shalin for having double standards.

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