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When Karan Johar asked Kangana Ranaut about KWK’s plastic surgery, she felt uneasy

Kangana Ranaut

It is common knowledge that Kangana Ranaut has verbally attacked director Karan Johar on several occasions. Kangana’s appearance on Koffee With Karan, in which she referred to Karan as the “flagbearer of nepotism,” went viral, but did you know that Kangana previously came on KWK and was asked some tough questions?

In 2010, Kangana Ranaut went on Koffee With Karan 3, when Karan peppered her with questions regarding cosmetic surgery, to which she responded with obvious discomfort.
Karan said to Kangana, “Have you improved yourself?” The perplexed Kangana said, “In what manner specifically? Karan reflected on the gossip about her plastic surgery, and said, “Oh yeah. He said, “Are they facts?” Kangana said incredulously, “I don’t believe so. I am young and from the north; we are all fortunate.” In addition to Kangana, the show included Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt as guests.

After the show aired, rumors regarding Kangana’s cosmetic surgery became even stronger; Kangana responded thoughtfully.

According to a report by Masala, Kangana said in response to the charges, “I have never had any kind of plastic surgery! When I made my first film, I was 17 years old and a small-town native. My face has altered as it often does with age. I have also learned a great deal about makeup, and I like styling my hair in various ways.

In 2017, Kangana reappeared on the seventh season of KWK alongside Saif Ali Khan, ready to slay Karan.

Kangana remarked, “In my biography, if it is ever done, you will play this stereotype Bollywood major who is snobbish and intolerant of outsiders, as well as the movie mafia’s flag bearer for nepotism. You will play a significant role in my biography. I admire how you portray the adversary in my biography.”

Karan, who opted to keep mute on air and did not respond to Kangana, said in a subsequent interview, “She was my guest, so I had to hear what she had to say. She is entitled to her views. When she says “Flag bearer of Nepotism,” I want to tell her that I am delighted she understands what it means. I do not believe she has grasped the meaning of the phrase.”

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