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When supporters of Raj Kapoor in Moscow raised his taxi over their shoulders

Raj Kapoor

Raj Kapoor had a large fan base. When he was in Moscow, his followers raised the automobile in which he was going.

Raj Kapoor died on June 2, 1988, as a result of a severe asthma attack. On the 34th anniversary of his death, let us remember the occasion when his followers raised a cab in which he was riding on their shoulders. During an occasion six years ago, Raj’s son Rishi Kapoor recounted a few memories from his father’s life.

Rishi grew sentimental and recalled memories from Raj’s life at the opening ceremony of the first BRICS Film Festival in 2016. “Raj Kapoor was producing Mera Naam Joker, and I believe it was in the mid-1960s when he was negotiating with a Russian circus to be a part of the picture,” he said. He was in London, and he had to be in Moscow, Russia — the Soviet Union at the time. But he didn’t have a visa to enter Moscow. Nonetheless, they embraced him. Because he arrived unexpectedly, there was no greeting committee for him. As a result, he went outside and waited for a cab. People began to notice Raj Kapoor’s presence in Moscow at that point. His cab arrived, and he sat in it. Suddenly, he saw that the cab was ascending rather than driving ahead. People carried the automobile on their shoulders.”

Rishi shared another story from Raj’s life, saying, “Much later in the mid-1980s, we didn’t have tremendous relations with China.” As a result, China asked that Raj Kapoor go there from the Indian government. When the government approached Raj Kapoor, he became as enthusiastic as a little child. He was a big fan of Chinese cuisine. He informed my mother, Krishna Kapoor, that I am traveling to China and that you would accompany me. He grew depressed after around five or ten days. ‘No, I will not travel to China,’ he told my mother. When she questioned why, he said that the people of China had seen Raj Kapoor in the 1950s, when he was young and gorgeous. I don’t want to break their hearts with this face since I’ve grown old and obese. He never returned to China after that.”

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