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Will Mission Cinderella, starring Akshay Kumar, be made into an OTT series?

Mission Cinderella

Vishnu Vishal and Amala Paul feature in the popular Tamil film Ratsasan, which is being translated into Hindi as Mission Cinderella, with Akshay Kumar as the lead. According to recent sources, this will not just be a film. While it was previously reported that it will be aired as a feature on Disney Plus Hotstar, recent sources indicate that the creators are now contemplating releasing it as a limited OTT series.

According to recent sources, the producers are eager to capitalize on this chance to make Akshay Kumar’s OTT debut. According to some sources, the creators feel that a series would help them hold the attention span of people for a longer period, resulting in more views. At the same time, they want to make sure that the film’s suspenseful moments aren’t ruined. They want to keep all of the film’s dramatic moments so that they don’t detract from the tale, but a lengthier structure will allow them to provide a deeper look into the characters.

Another option that the producers are contemplating is releasing Mission Cinderella in both cinema and television versions. They have also stated a desire to provide viewers with the option of choosing the entertainment type with which they are most comfortable. As a result, they are contemplating making it both a film and an OTT series. The latter will feature more material due to its lengthier format, although the film is intended to follow the same sharp structure as its Southern cousin.

While rumors circulated that Mission Cinderella will be released in April 2022, we now know that the producers have yet to establish a release date. Rakul Preet Singh and Sargun Mehta also play important parts in the film.

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