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Prince trailer: Sivakarthikeyan assures Diwali would be a riot of laughter


Sivakarthikeyan and Jaathi Ratnalu director Anudeep VK have joined forces for Prince. Several months ago, the pair published a promotional video for Prince that set a lighthearted tone. Currently, the trailer depicts this. It appears that Prince approaches love with a humorous twist.

As far as Prince’s idea is concerned, the film is about a British schoolteacher (Sivakarthikeyan) who falls for his American colleague (Sivakarthikeyan) (Maria Riaboshapka). For a sense of the tone of the film, consider this line from the trailer: “Only because I followed our commitment that “All Indians are our brothers and sisters” did I end up falling in love with a British woman.”

The presence of Sathyaraj and Premgi guarantees that Prince will be a hilarious Diwali spectacle. Also included is the popular YouTuber Bharath. Thaman composed the soundtrack for the Tamil-Telugu movie.

Don, Sivakarthikeyan’s most recent film, debuted to positive reviews at the movie office in 2022. If Prince also performs well at the box office, it will add to the actor’s already impressive resume. In addition to Prince, he also has Aylaan and Maaveeran in development.

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