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Machhli | Sunny Leone | Pawni P | Shahid M | Official Music Video

Glam and Bharti Raj Angel Media Entertainment proudly presents “Machhli,” a song written by Raahi and performed by Sunny Leone, with vocals by Pawni Pandey and Shahid Mallya, and music by Karan Lakhan and Oye Kunaal. Adil Shaikh choreographed and directed the dance routine Machhli.
The complete song is now available on all platforms.

Machhli is credited with

Bharti Raj is the producer.

Glam Angel Media Entertainment is a production company.

Credits for audio

Pawni Pandey and Shahid Mallya are singers.

Karan Lakhan and Oye Kunaal are the music directors.

Raahi Lyrics

Oye Kunaal’s Music Programming and Mixing

Navdeep Dhatra, Mastering

AMV Studio is a vocal recording studio.

Sunny Leone is the artist credited in the video.
Priyanka Mondal and Shubham Jaibeer Sahrawat star.

Adil Shaikh is the director/choreographer.

Ujwal Gupta, DOP

Mohammed Javed is the gaffer.

Roman Sarkar, Business Manager

Bhavika, Akshita, and Ankit worked as assistants.

Siddhesh Patil is the creative director.

Namrata Dalal, Creative Assistant

Pratik Tiwari is the Executive Producer.

Hritik Rajbhar is the assistant.

Himanshi Goel is the Production Manager.

Chandan Panchal is the Production Controller.

Aman Vidhate is the production designer.

Filmalaya Studio Private Limited is the location.

Praneel Sadanand Panchal is the art director.

Junior Casting- Agency Positions

Sonu Srivastav is the dancers’ coordinator.

Arpita Sarkar is the costume designer.

Irshad Iqbal Shaikh did the makeup and hair.

Shoaib’s Steadicam

Nagesh- Jimmy Jib

Camera- ABCD Camera Shop

Shree Ganesh Movie Lighting

Arjun Lights – Lights (Disco)

Swapnil Sawant, BTS

Vishal Suryawanshi is a still photographer.

Sunny Leone’s Team

Sunny Rajani is the manager.

David John Cardoz is a makeup artist.

Rajni Rajpakshi is a hairstylist.

Raj Gupta, Spot Boy

Hitendra Kapopara is the stylist.

Tanya Karla and Sameer Katariya worked as stylist assistants.

911 security, Yusuf Sipi

Production Aftermath

DI & Editing- Shake and Cut