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Siddhu Jonnalagadda’s titular character and his “delicate mind” once more provide entertainment in Tillu Square

Tillu Square

Tillu Square, the sequel to the 2022 film DJ Tillu, which was directed by Vimal Krishna and starred Siddhu Jonnalagaddi and Neha Sshetty, was released on Friday. Although Mallik Ram assumes the director’s responsibilities for this production, the substance of Siddhu’s titular character remains unchanged. When the journey is hilarious in a film as goofy as Tillu Square, it is difficult to pinpoint specific moments.

The Tillu Square narrative
Bala Gangadhar Tilak, also known as DJ Tillu (Siddhu), may be wealthier than the previous year, but his understanding of love remains unchanged. Tillu is unable to resist, despite the advice of his parents and peers to avoid falling for the wrong person at another time. In contrast to Radhika (Neha), however, Anupama Parameswaran’s Lilly Joseph appears picture-perfect. She possesses an ideal physical appearance, is amenable to expediting their relationship, and is flawless in every way. However, because Tillu’s preferences regarding women seem to consistently get him into difficulty, the stakes increase in Tillu Square as well.

An evaluation of Tillu Square

Recently, it seems as though every other film concludes with an unresolved denouement, with the expectation that a sequel will be profitable if the first one is successful. However, it is extremely uncommon for a film to receive the sequel it has promised, much less one that succeeds. It is a success that Tillu Square is equally as effective and hysterically hilarious as the opening segment. Without a doubt, the film has some flaws, particularly in the second half. Nonetheless, it’s entertaining to see some old characters return to further ruin Tillu’s existence. And it is reassuring to know that although Tillu may not be more enlightened, he can still maneuver through any situation using his street smarts. Mallik effectively establishes a seamless connection between the sequel and the original film, ensuring that the transition feels natural and cohesive.
Remarkable single-liner

DJ Tillu’s entire appeal has always been Siddhu’s uproarious one-liners delivered in the most irrational circumstances. Those who adored Siddhu’s “delicate mind” and dialogues from the original film, such as “atlunthadi manathoni” (that’s how it is with me), are certain to find amusement in the most unexpected instances where he utters “it’s a respect” or “amma bomma chelli disco.” Tillu’s tirades regarding his interminable banishment and Muradhar’s (the protagonist’s father) unhealthy predilection for bakery items also contribute to the film’s value. The filmmakers also made an effort to maintain the film’s originality, despite the fact that his existence is once more destroyed by love.Even some of the finest Bollywood films are susceptible to the second-half syndrome, which occurs when, in an attempt to captivate the audience, they produce first halves that are superior to the second halves. Tillu Square is not an exception. In fact, Mallik’s intermission performance, which includes a clever Chandramukhi reference and a stylish revelation about Lilly, achieves such a pinnacle that the second half feels like it is perpetually striving to match that peak. While it is not terrible, the climax fails to live up to the amusement generated in that particular scene. Despite the fact that Tillu’s endearing character compels you to continue watching for the wild journey, you cannot help but feel that the film fell short of its complete potential.

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