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Aahana Kumra would ‘do even a little part with a decent entertainer’

Entertainer Aahana Kumra stars in Madhur Bhandarkar’s next film ‘India Lockdown’, and she will likewise be found in the Anupam Kher’s short film . She said she never passes up the opportunity to work with a decent entertainer, and attests with regards to picking an undertaking she never settles on a decent story.

“I need to like the content. On the off chance that I can experiment with character or work with an intriguing entertainer, it is incredible. I don’t lose the chance to do even a little job with a decent entertainer,” Aahana tells.

She attempts to get the hang of utilizing force of perception.

“Regardless of whether I get one scene with a decent entertainer, I think it is truly significant. I notice entertainers like a falcon. I watch everybody on sets and how they change. We need to continue to notice individuals,” she said.

Aahana is extremely eager to work with Anupam Kher in the short film and said that the arrangement of short movies is offering acceptable film.

With Coronavirus cases expanding, the shoots in Mumbai has indeed been influenced. Does she fear lockdown will close down the business once more? “I’m accepting if there are no shoots in Mumbai, they will discover approaches to shoot somewhere else. Bollywood is a shrewd industry. I believe it’s the most astute industry ever. Areas can be sorted out. They won’t be showy shoots, there will be more controlled shoots. Any place I have been shooting, a ton of safeguards have been taken.”

Aahana is additionally in amazement of her ‘India Lockdown’ chief Madhur Bhandarkar. She said, “I figured he would be exceptionally exacting on sets since he is a particularly senior individual and he has made such huge movies. I was so off-base since he has such certain energy and he truly keeps the set upbeat and it shows. He is exceptionally synergistic,” she said.

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