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Abhishek Bachchan calls out people who say Breathe into the Shadows shames mental health

Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan says, “It’s time to stop.” The actor is currently on the second season of the show Breathe: Into the Shadows. He doesn’t understand how anyone could think that the way mental health is treated and shown on the show is wrong, since the team worked hard to get it right.

Abhishek Bachchan plays a psychiatrist who also has dissociative identity disorder on the Prime Video thriller that was written by Mayank Sharma. When the first season of the show came out in 2020, some people said it was bad because it added to the stigma around mental health and turned it into a stereotype.

Abhishek told that he doesn’t understand why the show is getting so much criticism when a team of doctors worked on the script.

“I don’t agree at all. Those who say that don’t know what they’re talking about. The script was written by four or five doctors, and Mayank’s brother-in-law is a psychiatrist who specialises in this disorder. Abhishek stated that it is very important for all of us to be aware of mental health, particularly for those who suffer from disorders that are comparable to our own.

The actor said that the show’s crew worked with psychiatrists to make sure that what they showed was true. Every day on set, we had a conversation with his brother-in-law. One of my best friends is a psychiatrist, and I used to work with him to learn how to treat patients with care.

“So, I think they are totally wrong, and these people are just looking for attention because they have a platform. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but anyone who says we made mental health less acceptable doesn’t know what they’re talking about, because that was the first thing we thought about.

Abhishek said that Breathe: Into the Shadows wasn’t made to be about “mental health or multiple personality disorder.” Instead, these things are just part of the story and of the character. “It wasn’t a show about making people aware of this, and it was never the main point. Still, Mayank went to great lengths to make sure that no one could say this.

Abhishek thinks it’s very unfair that it’s become “easy to catch filmmakers and storytellers” over a certain issue. I’m sure we can find fault with everything if we try hard enough. You need to know what the show is trying to do.

You’re looking in the wrong place if you think the show will be about a sick person and his recovery. There is freedom of speech, so you can talk, but it’s not fair to point fingers when you’re wrong, especially when someone has been thinking about this subject for two years,” he said.

Amit Sadh, Naveen Kasturia, and Saiyami Kher also appear in season two of Breathe: Into the Shadows. The writers of the show are Mayank, Vikram Tuli, Arshad Syed, Priya Saggi, and Abhijeet Deshpande. The show is made by Vikram Malhotra and Abundantia Entertainment.

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