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Ahmed Khan may venture into Saroj Khan’s perspective for ‘ChaalBaaz in London’

Maker Ahmed Khan may venture into Saroj Khan’s point of view to guide a portion of the tunes of Chaalbaaz in London. A source near the unit educates that Ahmed may arrange a portion of the melodies of the film which is probably going to have practically every one of the tunes that were in the first film that featured Sridevi out of which the greater part of them were arranged by Saroj Khan.

Chaalbaaz had a few melodies like Naa Jaane Kaha Se Aaaye Hun, Tera Bemar Mera Dil, Bhoot Raja Bahar Aa Jaa and Socha Tha Kya Ho gaya. The melodies were formed by Laxmikant Pyarelal and composed by Anand Bakshi.

Ahmed in one of his accolades for the late Saroj Khan had said that Saroj Khan had held his finger and acquainted him with the film world. After Saroj Khan’s downfall, Ahmed had disclosed to SeetaGeeta, “She was intrigued with my moving abilities as a kid entertainer in Mr. India. I was only 11 years of age at that point. At the point when I turned 16, I advised my mom that I needed to take a shot at films and she acquainted me with her old buddy Saroj ji. I worked with her as a right hand and later following 4 years I got Rangeela.”

‘ChaalBaaz in London’ could be an ideal accolade by Ahmed Khan to his coach Saroj Khan through the tunes he may arrange for the film.