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Akshay Kumar new video of Sooryavanshi

The long-awaited cop drama ‘Sooryavanshi,’ starring Akshay Kumar, was finally released on November 5th, and it has received a fantastic reception from the audience. Because ‘Sooryavanshi’ is the first mainstream picture to be released following the epidemic, its popularity reflects the prosperity of the whole film industry.

This is why Akshay is overjoyed with the positive reception to his film, and he turned to Instagram to thank his fans in a unique way.

He shared a short clip of himself dancing playfully to a song of his film and wrote, “Pardon the goofy gig am overjoyed! Thank you SO much for embracing cinemas back in your lives. The super response is not just for Team #Sooryavanshi, it is a mark of faith that’ll bring joy and prosperity back to our film industry. We are nothing without you. Sheer gratitude.”