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Alia Bhatt was as emotional as Ranbir Kapoor couldn’t stop crying as he held his daughter for the first time

Alia Bhatt

Ranbir Kapoor is finally fulfilling his dream: he is a father to a daughter, something he has always desired. Since Alia Bhatt’s pregnancy announcement, Ranbir Kapoor has openly expressed his desire for a daughter, and he has been heard. Yesterday, on November 6, the princess visited Kapoor and Bhatt’s family, which was one of the finest days of their lives. But this is how Ranbir reacted upon seeing his daughter for the first time and holding her in his arms. Ranbir accompanied Alia to HN Reliance hospital in the morning, and Alia took to Instagram in the late afternoon to announce the birth of their daughter and describe them as “fortunate and obsessed” parents.

A close insider to the Kapoor family reveals that the entire family shed tears of delight when they first saw their daughter. However, upon witnessing his first child, Ranbir was overcome with emotion and could not stop crying. Ranbir was more ecstatic than we’d ever seen him before. He was an entirely different individual. On the Arya oval where his daughter competed, he was unable to contain his delight, joy, and tears. And as soon as he took his daughter in his arms, he began to cry, and everyone around him began to cry as well “.

Ranbir will be the greatest father ever. Alia Bhatt and Ranbir tied the knot in April, and seven months later, they welcomed the birth of their child. Last night, Neetu Kapoor stated that both Alia and her baby are in wonderful health. Fans of Raila cannot wait to catch a look at the infant daughter.