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Amyra Dastur: If a film doesn’t do well I prepare for the following

Entertainer Amyra Dastur said she has arrived at a point in her profession where she is unaffected by a film not progressing admirably.

“I think I have had enough movies not progress admirably and progress nicely, and understand that it is a vital part of the work. One film works and one doesn’t. I simply snicker and prepare for the following film. However long I get work, I’m glad. The day I don’t, that is the day I will be concerned,” she told media source.

The entertainer adds that there is much more she needs to accomplish.

“Toward the day’s end, I believe I actually haven’t arrived at that position where I needed to be at,” she said.

” I’m glad for how far I have come without knowing anybody. It is about difficult work and I trust you make your own karma. I’m glad to see where my profession is going. Ideally, I will have a long vocation with various jobs,” she adds.

While she has worked in projects in various dialects and stages, Bollywood will consistently be extraordinary.

“Bollywood would consistently be my main. It’s home. Hindi film toh meri khoon mein hai (Hindi film runs in my blood), yet I love working in Tamil and different ventures. However, toward the day’s end, home will be home,” she said.

Bollywood separated, Amyra has worked with combative techniques whiz Jackie Chan in the film ‘Kung Fu Yoga’.

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