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Ananya Panday enacts a funny scene from ‘K3G’!

Kareena Kapoor Khan is among the most famous entertainers in the entertainment world, and a considerable amount of youthful entertainers admire her and are motivated by her. Kareena’s person, Poo, in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham stays extraordinary, even a long time later, and appears as though Ananya Panday is an enormous devotee of both Kareena, and her on-screen character Poo! Kareena was left in wonder as Ananya showed her a coat she got uniquely designed, and it has an image of Poo printed behind.

Ananya Panday showed up as a visitor on Kareena’s show ‘What Women Want’, and a clasp from her scene has surfaced via web-based media. Ananya can be seen telling Kareena “Would I be able to listen for a minute’s behind my look today? Since I figure it will be extremely energizing. So I want to show you this coat that I’ve gotten made.” Ananya uncovered that as an afterthought, it says “Great looks, great looks, and Good looks.” Towards the front, the coat says ‘P.H.A.T-Pretty, Hot And Tempting.” She then, at that point, requests that Kareena accept an estimate concerning who is behind!

As Ananya Panday shows who is behind her coat, Kareena Kapoor Khan goes, “Wow!” We would then be able to see an image including Kareena also known as Poo. Ananya then, at that point, authorizes the scene from K3G, and says ‘Let me know how it was!” Ananya then, at that point, lets Kareena know that she adores the coat however never tracked down the perfect time to wear it, so she wore it on the show.