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Arjun Rampal has completed filming for ‘Dhaakad.’

Arjun Rampal’s filming for the forthcoming film ‘Dhaakad’ is already over.

‘Dhaakad,’ directed by Rajneesh Ghai, is an action-packed film in which Kangana Ranaut plays Agni, the protagonist.

On Friday, Kangana took to her Instagram Story to share a parting message for her co-star Arjun, who recently finished filming.

“It’s the end of the movie for our villain. You’ll be missed on set, “Kangana added a photo of Arjun exploding champagne on the Budapest set of the film.

Arjun, too, used social media to talk about his time working with Rajneesh.

“In arms with his brother. Rajneesh, what a delight… what an adventure. Thank you very much, child. Until we meet again, love “He expressed himself on Instagram.

In the film ‘Dhaakad,’ Arjun will portray Rudraveer, a villain.