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Aryan Khan exits the Arthur Road jail

Aryan Khan, Shah Rukh Khan’s son, was released from jail today after being granted bail by the Mumbai High Court on October 28. Ravi, Shah Rukh Khan’s bodyguard, was seen outside the jail before Aryan’s release. The famous kid will be driven to a five-star hotel in Worli, where Shah Rukh Khan’s counsel, senior attorney Satish Manshinde, is already waiting to greet him.

On the 28th day following his arrest, Aryan Khan was freed. The HC issued a bail order on October 29, but the formalities were not fulfilled in time. Juhi Chawla, a Khan family acquaintance, acted as Aryan’s guarantee and signed the necessary paperwork. The actress added in a statement to ANI, “I’m simply relieved that it’s all done and that Aryan Khan will be returning home soon. It’s a huge relief for everyone, I believe.”

Meanwhile, Mannat is getting ready for Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan’s first child’s arrival. The workers of the luxury sea-facing house decorated the patio, as seen by SeetaGeeta.

In Aryan Khan’s bail order, the Bombay High Court underlined 14 crucial criteria, including an Rs. 1 lakh PR Bond. He was told that he needed to present his passport to the Special Court and that he couldn’t leave the country until the Special Judge for NDPS in Greater Mumbai gave him permission.

Aryan Khan would have to appear in front of the NCB at their Mumbai headquarters every Friday. Aryan Khan has also been ordered not to interact with any co-accused who is directly or indirectly involved in similar actions, and not to make any public statements about the aforementioned proceedings ongoing before the Special Court in any form of media, including social media.