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Bear Grylls and Ajay Devgn on their Indian Ocean expedition

Ajay Devgn, the Bollywood star, talks about his voyage to the Indian Ocean with Bear Grylls for the survival skills-based reality show ‘Into The Wild.’ He describes the voyage as “adventure-packed” and “very different” from anything he has done in his cinematic career. For him, the vacation also served as a brief respite.

“My September getaway to the Indian Ocean worked for me in many ways,” Ajay explains. It was my first expedition with Bear Grylls ‘Into The Wild.’ Since the beginning of my cinematic career 30 years ago, I’ve done risky things in movies. But what I did with Bear on the ITW tour was rather different. It was terrifying, thrilling, daring, thrilling, and invigorating, among other things. It was also effective as a quick personal break.

Bear Grylls and Ajay Devgn, two world-famous adventurers, traveled to a shark-infested sea and endured terrible weather conditions before making their way to deserted islands.

“Well, there was so much anxious energy within me when I was performing my stunts with Bear, I can’t recall each moment independently,” he says of the journey’s most challenging moments. Overall, I can tell you that the seas were dangerous while I was in the middle of the deep ocean and Bear was trying to rescue me and transport me to a neighboring island in a helicopter. The chopper machine’s wind and the pressure of the water in which I was neck-deep were both quite hazardous. Of course, I had complete trust in Bear, but I did have some reservations.

‘Into The Wild,’ starring Bear Grylls and Ajay Devgn, will premiere on Discovery+ on October 22. The show’s broadcast launch is set for October 25 on 14 linear networks, including Discovery Channel.