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Bigg Boss 17’s Isha Malviya discusses how Shehnaaz Gill and late Sidharth Shukla inspired her, saying, ‘I never imagined…’

Bigg Boss 17

Following her success in series like Udaariyan and Namak Ishq Ka, actress Isha Malviya made a spectacular debut in Bigg Boss 17.

Isha Malviya is a Bigg Boss fan who has one simple rule to follow in order to remain in the house: “The only strategy I have in mind is to be real and present my true personality.” My contact shall be open and honest, and I will not conceal anything.” Isha is intent on playing the game on her own terms. “I want to go ahead in the game based on my personality,” she says, rather than a forced love angle. I don’t want to use someone just to be seen or significant in the game. As a result, no love angle for me.”

Isha is a Bigg Boss fan, and she named the late Sidharth Shukla as her favourite Bigg Boss 13 contestant. “Because he was a solo player, I certainly would’ve taken Sidharth Shukla’s name.” On the show, he held his own. Aside from Sidharth, I liked Asim and Shehnaaz.”

Speaking more about Shehnaaz, Isha stated that the Bigg Boss 13 competitor has encouraged her and several other contestants to ‘be-you’. “She’s doing fantastically well. I didn’t anticipate Shehnaaz to be this good. She has entered Bollywood and is doing fantastically well. I am overjoyed for her. She’s a real character; everything was open from here on out, and I truly enjoy her.” “Shehnaaz has definitely inspired me and several others to speak our hearts out,” Isha added. To date, everyone is setting an example for her. Shehnaaz was a straightforward person both within and outside the house.” Colours will air daily episodes of Bigg Boss 17, and Jio Cinema will stream live 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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