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Bobby Deol opens up about rejoining with family for Apne 2

It was a treat for the fanatics of Deols back in 2007, when Dharmendra, Sunny and Bobby showed up together on the big screen in Apne. With the positive reaction he got in those days, chief Anil Sharma declared the film’s continuation Apne 2 that reunites the threesome.

Bobby who in a previous connection with SeetaGeeta referenced that he wished to do significantly more movies with his dad, has been gung-ho about this film. The present status, because of the pandemic, may have tossed film plans for a throw, however this hasn’t spoilt the energy around the task.

About the film, Bobby said, “Apne was made long time back, yet Apne 2 is being composed remembering the view point of the new age. Having said that, it will have every one of those components related with families and the issues around them.” This time around, the film additionally stars another individual from the Deol family, Karan, who’s Sunny’s child.

Prior in a communication with SeetaGeeta, the overseer of the film had opened up about the task saying, “This film is an expansion to the account of the final remaining one. I should say it is Dharam ji who is generally amped up for the venture. He generally thinks ki camera unki mehbooba hai aur woh unhe baar bula rahi hai. Taking everything into account, he will be prepared under American fighters for the film.”