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Deepika Padukone shares Badminton video with Irrfan Khan from the sets of ‘Piku’

Deepika Padukone imparts Badminton video to Irrfan Khan from the arrangements of ‘Piku’. It very well may be seen that she was playing badminton with Irrfan. She likewise share one more snap with Irrfan with sonnet – “लम्हे गुज़र गये चेहरे बदल गये हम अंजानी राहो में पल में रुला दिया पल में हसा के फिर रह गये हम जी राहो में थोड़ा सा पानी है रंग है थोड़ी सी छावो है.” In the finish of her sonnet, she additionally expressed, “Find happiness in the hereafter my Dear Friend…💔 #rana”.