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Did Amitabh Bachchan label his angioplasty ‘false news’? What happened.

Amitabh Bachchan

Following his recent hospitalisation, Amitabh Bachchan reportedly underwent angioplasty; however, the veteran actor appears to have denied the rumour. On social media platforms, a video of the actor departing the Dadoji Kondadev Stadium in Thane surfaced. Friday night marked the conclusion of the Indian Street Premier League (ISPL) championship match between Majhi Mumbai and the Tigers of Kolkata. 

Did Amitabh refute the allegations about his hospitalisation?
As he departed the establishment in the brief clip, a paparazzo inquired about his health. Amitabh initially indicated through hand gestures that everything was in order. He leaned in further and declared, “Fake news.” The actor strolled away while grinning and nodding. Amitabh and his son, the actor Abhishek Bachchan, both attended the match. He underwent the operation to clear an artery or a clot in his limb, according to reports.

What have reports stated?

ABP News reported on Friday that the actor’s dyspnea symptoms led to his hospital admission. Following his hospitalisation, a medical procedure was performed. Early on Friday morning, physicians at Kokilaben Hospital confirmed to the Indian Express that Amitabh Bachchan had undergone an angioplasty.

Writing a note on defeat and triumph, Amitabh
Following the defeat of Amitabh’s team in the match, the actor wrote a lengthy post on his blog. In addition to his son, he lauded Sachin Tendulkar. A portion of his blog stated, “The fight is more valuable when defeat is initiated, for victory shall never be highlighted in the absence of defeat; one must triumph over an opponent in order to record a victory.” Thus, we acknowledge the opposition’s merit; it is their due. We must now gather our forces and readiously confront the subsequent battle.”

As Amitabh discusses the match, Abhishek and Sachin

Amitabh also expressed that he was trapped at the entrance gate for more than an hour, unable to move. The throng, filled with passion and mobbing, failed to allow us any space to go. In his praise for Abhishek, he wrote, The significance of sportsmanship should not be diminished by the experience of losing a game. The display of grace exhibited by Abhishek in promptly engaging with all the players following the conclusion of the game was greatly valued. This gesture was not only extended to our team but also extended congratulations to the Kolkata squad.

Additionally, the veteran actor commented on Sachin Tendulkar: “However, what a pleasure and an experience it was to have shared some invaluable time with the GREAT SACHIN. His understanding of the game is incalculable; his prognostications regarding the next bat move, field placement, bowling, and premonition of forthcoming events are beyond description. If it is not miraculous, then it is beyond description.

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