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Director admits that Siddhanth Kapoor declined to portray a rock star using drugs in a film

Siddhanth Kapoor

Siddhanth Kapoor was detained on suspicion of drug use and afterward freed on bail. The director of two films starring Siddhanth, Sarim Momin, expressed amazement at the news.

Monday in Bengaluru, the actor Siddhanth Kapoor was detained on suspicion of drug usage at a party. He is now free on bail. According to writer-director Sarim Momin, who directed Siddhanth in two unreleased films, the report of his drug usage is out of character.

As he voiced his amazement at Siddhanth’s imprisonment for drug use, Sarim referred to him as a “complete gentleman.” Sarim said that Siddhanth declined to depict his character doing drugs to avoid conveying the audience the incorrect impression.

He said to ETimes, “Once, I was discussing a role with him (for which I had cast him) and we were generating ideas for his characteristics. The figure was meant to represent a rock star who is stereotypically renowned for being “high.” It was Siddhant who said, “Let’s not unduly portray my character as a drug user.” It does not give a positive message, sir.'”

Sarim continued, “As a director, I have never encountered something like I am reading about Siddhanth today. He is the most professional and gentlemanly individual I know.” In Khabees, which also stars Tanisha Mukherjee and Bharat Dhabolkar, and in ASEQ, which also stars Siddhanth with Vardhan Puri, Sonnalli Seygall, and Adi Chugh, Siddhanth has been directed by Sarim.

Monday, Bengaluru Police confirmed that Siddhanth ingested illegal substances, citing a positive blood test result. However, Siddhanth’s father Shakti Kapoor did not accept the accusations and said to HT City shortly after the news of his detention broke: “Yes, he is a DJ and he performs at parties, which is why he was in Bengaluru. I have no idea where all these reports are coming from. I will shortly speak with my son and get the specifics. This, however, cannot be true.”

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