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“Happy Daughters Day” in Bollywood


Ajay and Kajol Devghan, Amitabh Bachchan, Shilpa Shetty any many others shared on social media with photographs.

Ajay says about Nysa,”My daughter, Nysa is many things. My sharpest critic, my biggest weakness & strength as well. She’s a young adult but to Kajol & me, she will always be our baby girl #HappyDaughtersDay.”

Shilpa shared glimpes of Samisha on Instagram,”Who says Miracles don’t happen… Holding one in my hands now. Life is such a miracle, isn’t it? That’s the happiness I’m celebrating today on #DaughtersDay as I hold Samisha our daughter. I definitely don’t need a day to celebrate her.. Cant thank God and the Universe enough for answering & manifesting our prayers, especially Viaan’s, so beautifully; will be eternally grateful. Don’t forget to give your daughters a tight hug today. #SamishaShettyKundra #SSKJr #daughter #family #love #gratitude #blessed.”


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