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Here’s the reason Madhuri Dixit didn’t get a ‘Happy Birthday’ message from Saroj Khan’s girl Sukaina today-Elite!

This is maybe the first run through after they met, that Madhuri Dixit didn’t get a birthday message from choreographer-guide Saroj Khan, who died on July 3 a year ago. The entertainer, who turned 54 today doubtlessly would have felt a void. Be that as it may, Saroj’s little girl Sukaina was nearly sending her a message yet refrained without a second to spare, as she uncovers solely to SeetaGeeta.

Saroj Khan’s girl Sukaina recalled that it was Madhuri’s birthday today. “How is it possible that I would fail to remember it? My mom had an interminable bond with her. They shared such an astounding working relationship that it must be believed to be accepted. Yet, after much consultation, I didn’t wish her,” admits Sukaina.

Why? Sukaina says, “There’s such an extensive amount my mom in Madhuri. At the point when I see her on Television programs, she helps me to remember my mom. Her non-verbal communication and certain peculiarities have solid shades of my mom. Subsequently, it was an enthusiastic second for me to message her ‘Cheerful Birthday’ taking into account the way that my mom is no more. Thus, I held back”.

“However, with my entire existence, I wish her the best throughout everyday life. My mom from paradise probably sent her every one of the endowments,” Sukaina adds inwardly.

Sukaina proceeds to share how, just yesterday, she and her family were watching Madhuri’s melodies from ‘Khalnayak’. “We regularly take up a film and do that. We don’t watch the full film yet its tunes on YouTube. At the point when I see Madhuri moving, I think our mother is moving.”

Also, which is her number one Madhuri Dixit tune that her mother had arranged? “My vote goes to ‘Idli Doo’ from ‘Khel’,”she answers, adding that her mom’s favourite Madhuri Dixit number was ‘Humko Aajkal Hai Intezaar’ from ‘Sailaab’. “I should likewise say here that we neither went to Madhuri’s home nor did she at any point got back home. My mom consistently kept her expert and individual lives separated. Yet, yet, my mom was as often as possible in contact with her on and off the sets. Indeed, even in their later years, when both worked less, they never put some distance between one another,” Sukaina closes.