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Hindi films will not be released in Delhi till August 15th.

From Monday, July 26, cinemas in Delhi will be permitted to operate to 50% capacity, but no Hindi films would be released till August 15.

Cinemagoers will have to make do with the martial arts fantasy picture ‘Mortal Kombat’ till the Hindi films in the cans, including the much-anticipated ‘1983’, the Ranvir Singh-starrer commemorating India’s 1983 Cricket World Cup victory, see the light of day.

And there’s more from Hollywood on the way.

“The Vin Diesel blockbuster ‘F9’ (‘Fast and Furious 9’), ‘Conjuring,’ and ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’ are in the line for August releases,” said Sanjay Ghai, COO of the distribution business Mukta Arts.

Cinema theatres will officially open on July 30th, according to industry observers.

“This order was placed only a few days ago. We’ll need some time to prepare for screenings, but we’re eager to have our theatres up as soon as possible “, according to a representative for Inox, a large multiplex chain.

He further stated that all Inox employees have been vaccinated and that Covid-19 protocols are being followed without slackening the security.

With Maharashtra’s cinemas still closed, the industry is waiting with bated breath to see how the audience reacts to the reopening of Delhi theatres. According to trade expert Karan Taurani, the government provides more than a fifth of the money generated by Bollywood films.

“If the government believes that theatres are safe to operate, I am confident that people will not be afraid to go see movies. We anticipate a large turnout “, said an Inox representative.

According to Ghai, Hindi films will begin to be released on August 15, but the business will not truly start up until Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu allow theatres to operate. As a result, for the time being, he is looking forward to a return to the stage.

Taurani, on the other hand, isn’t overjoyed about the Delhi decision.
“Maharashtra’s openness is significant. I don’t see it occurring anytime soon, therefore I don’t foresee a significant shift in the present market environment. Only Delhi has the ability to perform miracles “Taurani said.

He also emphasised the necessity of calming public worries about Covid. “Once that happens, attendance at movie theatres will almost certainly increase,” Taurani remarked.

Vinod Mirani, a fellow expert, was sceptical that the reopening of Delhi would have a significant impact.

“Even if cinemas are permitted to operate, where will the content be?” he added. “Delhi is second to the ‘Bombay Circuit,’ which is by far the largest in terms of box-office collections,” he said.

What does this imply for the three major Hindi films awaiting release: ‘1983’, ‘Bell Bottom’ starring Akshay Kumar and Huma Qureishi, and Rohit Shetty’s ‘Sooryavanshi’? When will people be able to view the movie on the big screen? The producers would not “risk it” until Maharashtra opens up, as Mirani phrased it.