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Vicky Jain Mocks Ankita Lokhande, She Tears Up on Bigg Boss 17

Vicky Jain

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain are attracting attention in season 17 of Bigg Boss, which is currently being hosted by Salman Khan. The turbulence in their relationship has generated considerable interest and attention throughout the season ever since its inception. Amid the controversy surrounding this reality show, Ankita’s emotive outburst on day 96 while discussing Mannara Chopra with Vicky and Isha Malviya stunned the audience. Ankita’s unanticipated response was prompted by Vicky and Isha’s candid laughter, in which they both expressed their feelings of insecurity regarding the present stage of their voyage on the show.

Vicky, Ankita, and Isha engaged in a lighthearted conversation in the garden area of a recent episode, with an emphasis on Mannara. Vicky, on the other hand, expressed weariness with the subject matter, noting that they had previously discussed it numerous times. Mannara’s actions were deemed improper by the actresses, who advised Vicky against defending her. As the dialogue progressed, animosity was expressed, which prompted Isha to intervene and advise them to refrain from a dispute concerning a third party. Ankita made an effort to provide an explanation; however, her unanticipated response of amusement from both Vicky and Isha caused her to become visibly distressed and subsequently disengage from the conversation.

Ankita Lokhande conveyed her sentiments to Vicky Jain and Isha Malviya as follows: “Your backhanded laughter has brought my confidence to its lowest point. You both claim that I attempt to communicate, but you both give the impression that I am mute. Your laughter from behind insults me. You appear to have wedded the incorrect individual. It is particularly offensive coming from my spouse. It is apprehension that prevents me from speaking; I am burdened. I am stopped everywhere by him. Balance is something I am attempting to preserve in order to avoid arguments. Keep your mouth shut, Vicky. I am truly regretful; you are exceptionally intelligent.”

Vicky, in reply, disapproves of the circumstance, asserting, “This is an exaggerated reaction. I refrain from engaging in conversation with you as a result of this. What causes your fear? You have expressed all of your desired points. Observe matters through your own lens, and you will notice. “What sort of reaction does this elicit?”

Following Vicky Jain’s departure, Ankita Lokhande becomes visibly distressed. Ankita subsequently confronts Isha, conveying her displeasure with the latter’s laughter during her sincere attempt to communicate her point.

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