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Hrithik Roshan comes out in support of SRK-Aryan

During the Narcotics Control Bureau’s arrest of Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan following a cruise ship raid, numerous Bollywood celebs have shown their support for him and his family. Hrithik Roshan, on the other hand, recently used his Instagram account to write a heartfelt open letter to the little star youngster.

“My beloved Aryan,” the actor wrote in the first message. Life takes you on a weird journey. It’s fantastic because it’s unpredictable. It’s fantastic because it throws curve balls at you, yet God is kind. He only assigns the most difficult balls to the most difficult players.” Hrithik Roshan comes out in support of Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan; pens an open letter.

“You know you’re selected when you can feel the strain to hold your own despite the turmoil,” Hrithik added, offering all the love and support. And I’m sure you’re feeling it right now. The rage, the bewilderment, the helplessness Aaah, the precise things need to extinguish the hero within you. However, be aware that the same elements can also burn away the wonderful stuff… kindness, compassion, and love.”

“Allow yourself to burn, but only enough…,” he continued. Mistakes, failures, wins, and success is all the same if you know which parts of the experience to preserve and which parts to discard. But keep in mind that you can improve with all of them. I’ve known you as a kid and I ’v knew you as a man. Own it. Own everything you experience. They’re your gifts. Trust me”

“In time, when you connect the dots… I assure you, It’ll make sense,” he added as a final remark. Only if you’ve looked the devil in the eyes and maintained your composure. Maintain your composure. Keep an eye on it. These are the moments that shape your Tom. And the sun will be beaming brightly on Tom. But you’ll have to trek through the dark to get there. Calm, still, and having your own place. And having faith in the light. Inside. It is constantly present. I adore you, dude. 7th of October, 2021″