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Hrithik Roshan said Hollywood will learn from his superhero film Krrish 3

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, who is often called “Duggu,” is getting ready for his movie Fighter, which will also star the beautiful Deepika Padukone. Hrithik has been one of the actors who can do a lot of different things.

Hrithik had a huge number of fans, not just among women but also among kids. Fans of Krrish will always remember the movies. When the superhero movie Krrish 3 came out, people on the Internet were quick to make comparisons to the big hit X-Men. The actor had said at the time that analogies are good. In fact, he told film critic Komal Nahta that Hollywood should gain knowledge from Krrish 3 during a conversation they had. What, how? The throwback video made it to Reddit, where people had the funniest reactions. Look down to read.

In an old interview, one of Bollywood’s most popular stars, Hrithik Roshan, said, “Now that we’ve decided to do it, how do we do it?” What happened to the budgets? How do we make a superhero for India if we can’t film in India? For example, if we want to film an action scene outside, we can’t do it in India Gate. How can you show a superhero saving India outside without being in India? Your budget doesn’t allow you to make the whole set over again.”

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