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In Budapest, Kangana Ranaut watches Scarlett’s’ Black Widow.’

Kangana Ranaut all smiles as she enters the cinema for the first time in two years to watch a film. The actress, who is now filming in Budapest with Arjun Rampal for her next action film ‘Dhaakad,’ took a break from the set to see Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Black Widow,’ which is presented in theatres.

“Back to popcorn days,” the actress said with a funny boomerang video of herself clutching two tubs of popcorn on her way to see a movie. Kangana also posted a series of photos when she returned to the theatres after a lengthy absence to watch a film on the big screen. “After a two-year hiatus, #blackwidow returns to theatres.” Thank you to my producers for putting this trip together for us.

Kangana Ranaut, who has been filming in Budapest for her forthcoming film Dhaakad, recently took a day off and went to see Scarlett Johansson in the film Black Widow.

Kangana headed to Instagram and uploaded a hilarious boomerang video on her stories, in which she could be seen clutching two tubs of popcorn while heading to see the movie after a two-year hiatus. “Popcorn Days are returning,” she said besides the post.

Kangana Ranaut wore a white gown and her hair was pulled back in the video. She also sent her crew a video in which she asks them how they feel about returning to theatres.

Kangana Ranaut all smiles as she spends movie time with the ‘Dhaakad’ team in a white gown with her hair pulled back. ‘Dhaakad,’ directed by Rajneesh Ghai and produced by Sohail Maklai, is an action film starring Kangana Ranaut as Agent Agni and Arjun as Rudraveer, the antagonist. Kangana recently joined Arjun in Budapest as he finished filming his scenes for ‘Dhaakad.’ The internet was flooded with photos from the sets.