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John Abraham says he has always selected roles based on his instinct

He’s one of Bollywood’s fittest stars. John Abraham, who is known for his rigorous workout routine, has often spoken about the significance of fitness in his life and pushed for a healthy lifestyle. In a recent interview, the actor, who was most recently featured in Emraan Hashmi’s film “Mumbai Saga,” acknowledged that joining the rat race was never his intention. The actor stated that all he cared about was his job and that he always chose his parts based on instinct. He went on to say that while his films haven’t always done well at the box office, it hasn’t stopped him from branching out into other areas.

John, who appeared with Emraan in the film ‘Mumbai Saga,’ said he enjoyed working with the actor and that there was no uneasiness between them. “As performers, we are now in a lot more mature place,” he added. We’ve reached the point where our audience isn’t affected by what we’re doing. We have their confidence. I don’t think Emraan and I have ever worked together in our 18 years together. But what’s really amazing is that we’ve both worked with comparable directors, received our early film education from the same institution, and have similar work processes.”

The actor discussed his long career in the profession, which is known for its fierce rivalry, and how he manages to stay going. “I’m solely concerned about work,” he explained. I’ve never participated in rat races and have instead chosen to work solely on instinct. Over the years, I’ve designated a specific area as mine. Only the filmmaker and I have seen some of the films in which I have been involved, but that hasn’t stopped me.”

Currently, John is working on a number of projects, including “Attack,” “Satyameva Jayate 2,” “Ek Villain 2,” and a film starring Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone.