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‘Kedarnath’ author Kanika Dhillon as she hammers Navjot Gulati

‘Kedarnath’ essayist Kanika Dhillon has hammered screenwriter Navjot Gulati for his new post. While the ‘Jai Mummy Di’ author had tweeted the way to scoring a ‘front and center attention as screenwriter’ is to ‘wed into the creation house’, Kanika hammered his ‘misogynist’ comments.

Expressing that Navjot has a ‘pea mind’, Kanika Dhillon stated, “Greetings @Navjotalive I’m very stunned by ur incredibly Chauvinist – MYSOGINIST and verging on Doltish remark Neither will I list down my collection of work cos ur pea estimated cerebrum won’t handle an effective lady making it all alone! U may have a cerebrum hold up! Have a decent day.” In a second post, she stated, “And Mr @Navjotalive as a result of authors like YOU – who show their Idiocy on something that ought to be Acclaimed as a welcome advance by the composing clique other extremely meriting scholars don’t get front and center attention just like their right— – disgrace on u!”

What’s more, presently her remarks have gotten support from Taapsee Pannu. The ‘Thappad’ entertainer answered to Kanika’s Tweet and expressed, “A reformist call to credit an essayist transformed into a chauvinist bluster by the deep-rooted sexism of attributing a lady’s prosperity to the house she weds in or the man she wedded. Your upright call for equivalent credit can’t be overwhelmed by the sharpness in u.”