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Madhoo: I only use social media when I have a true need for it.

Madhoo, who will be featured in the Jayalalitha biopic Thalaivi, adds that while she enjoys being prominent on social media, she is cautious about what she shares.

“Yes, I am careful about posting facts about my personal life on social media,” she explains. There was a time when we needed to interact with others in order to express our perspectives and let them know how we felt about a situation. Nowadays, social media is such a strong platform that it allows you to connect with a large number of people at once. I can simply advertise my movies on social media if I wish to.

When it comes to my personal life, though, I am selective about what I reveal, and my friends frequently inquire about this. I only prefer to share things when I have a real urge to do so. Yes, I believe that one must stay current and visible in today’s world. But I’m not interested in growing my following just because it’s the trendy thing to do at the moment.”

“I want to utilize social media as a platform to express myself and reach out to individuals who can identify with my views,” Madhoo, who is most known for her part in Roja, added. What other people do should not be my concern. That’s why I’ve chosen to be choosy, and I like the way I’m expressing myself on the internet.”

On a personal note, the actress is overjoyed that both of her kids have expressed an interest in acting in the future. “She added,” she said “My older daughter has indicated an interest in acting in films. They are currently studying in England and concentrating on their studies.”