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Malaika Arora looks stunning in a hot dress

Malaika Arora looks stunning in a hot and seductive green sequin mini dress. She is getting ready to film for India’s Best Dancers.

Florina Gogoi, a Super Dancer Chapter 4 candidate, and her master, Tushar Shetty, graced the ongoing dance reality show India’s Best Dancer 2. Florina was spotted brilliantly dancing with her guru but sadly encountered a stumbling block throughout her performance. Her sneaker flipped off her foot, throwing her out of step for a moment. But the Super Dancer Chapter 4 participant instantly recovered and resumed her performance with her guru. Malaika Arora, Geeta Kapur, and Terence Lewis all praised her performance.

As Florina’s performance drew to a close, Malaika Arora applauded her for her energy and the spontaneity with which she reacted. She recalled how, in her previous profession, she had encountered a similar predicament, but unlike Florina, she had chosen to quit up. During one of her dancing performances, the Chaiya Chaiya diva revealed Her shoe, too, flipped off her foot, and she became terrified. This was followed by the actress abandoning the stage with her act incomplete.