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Pooja Chopra wishes Lucknowites an exceptionally Glad and bright Holi

Entertainer Pooja Chopra who was shooting in Lucknow till as of late benefited as much as possible from her visit to the city. An incessant guest to Lucknow, this time Pooja observed Holi with the Lucknow Times group before the Roomi Darwaza in the old city. Playing with gulaal, Pooja made some incredible memories giving our lensman some excellent stances and said, “Lucknow is one city where I generally love to come. This is the place that is known for the nawabs, kebabs, chikan kari, Bhool Bhullaiya and Roomi Darwaza. I have an exceptional liking with this spot. I love coming here.”

She adds, “Murmur yahan shoot kar rahe the Jahan Chaar Yaar ke liye and practically high schooler hafte se hu yahan standard. Bahut mazaa aaya yahan, Lucknow se waise bhi purana rishta hai kyunki ek aur film shoot kari hai yahan. Lucknow ke saath kuch aisa lagta hai jaise koi saccha waala pyaar hota hai na jo bahut azeez hota hai waisa feel hota hai kyunki yahan ki log bahut tameezdaar hai jo Mumbia ya Delhi mein nahi milte. Aur yahan ka khana itna lazeez hai ki aap khud ko control nahi kar sakte hai so exercise twofold ho jaata hai. Aur Bhool Bhulaiya mein toh murmur sach mein kho greetings gaye the.”

About Holi, Pooja said, “I love this celebration. It fills the air with such a lot of inspiration and makes life so beautiful. I wish all Lucknowites an Upbeat and beautiful Holi.”