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Poonam Pandey closes down pregnancy tales

After reports of Poonam Pandey first pregnancy with spouse Sam Bombay were spotted doing rounds of the web, the entertainer has now eliminated any confusion by denying the cases.

During a new meeting with Zoom, Poonam said her life resembles an ‘open book’ and she would cheerfully declare on the off chance that she at any point gets pregnant. Mentioning individuals to not accept that she is pregnant, she added that pregnancy is uplifting news for a lady, notwithstanding, for her situation, it’s difficult in light of the fact that she isn’t anticipating a youngster now.

She further added that individuals ought to in any event get it checked by her prior to accepting anything like that as she is somebody who might really convey desserts if there’s any uplifting news.

Poonam Pandey got occupied with July last year lastly got married to Sam Bombay on 1 September 2020, at their Bandra home with the presence of their family and dear companions. She later shared photos of their private wedding via online media and declared, “Here’s anticipating seven lifetimes with you.”

Afterward, the two were spotted streaming off to Goa for their wedding trip. However, things took an unexpected turn when Poonam recorded abusive behavior at home against Sam for supposedly attacking, undermining, and attacking her, according to police reports. This was trailed by Goa police capturing Sam Bombay for attack charges.

Notwithstanding, the two chose to retouch things among them and allowed love another opportunity. In the wake of reuniting, Poonam told SeetaGeeta, “We are attempting to resolve things and have pretty much-figured everything out. Guess what? We both love each other to an extreme. We are frantically infatuated. Furthermore, which shaadi doesn’t have its good and bad times?”