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Pranitha Subhash: I was star-struck seeing Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgn

Pranitha Subhash, a South actor, breathes a sigh of relief that one of her Bollywood projects would finally see the light of day. The actress who is making her Bollywood debut is a little disappointed that it won’t be on the big screen and that she would have to settle with an OTT release. While this comic film featuring Shilpa Shetty had her in splits while filming, the other film she worked on had her star-struck on set.

Senior actors Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt feature in her second film, which is also slated for an OTT release. “I had a couple of days shoot with Sanjay Sir,” Pranitha recalls of working with the powerhouse of talent. He is, without a doubt, a warm human being. I was totally star-struck on the sets when I saw him.” Pranitha said about her other co-star Ajay Devgn, “I am a great fan of Ajay Devgn.” I said to Ajay Sir how much I liked Golmaal.”

Pranitha Subhash goes on to remark that her role in the film isn’t very important to the plot. “I wouldn’t say my role is particularly important in the picture since, at the end of the day, it is about Ajay sir and Sanjay sir’s personalities. Their tunes are more significant than the girl in the film, but it’s still a wonderful way for me to start my Hindi cinema career,” she maintains.

Pranitha had previously told SeetaGeeta, that she was looking forward to making a big entrance into Bollywood with a festive theatrical premiere of her maiden film. “I am from the south film industry,” she explains. The transition to OTT is a disappointment for me. A theatrical release is like a festival to us, a celebration with a 4 a.m. show, people breaking crackers, and so on. I’d have liked to make a big splash in Bollywood. The situation presently appears to be low-key. It was all going swimmingly until the epidemic struck.”