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Rahul Dholakia thinks it’s unfair to make fun of Laal Singh Chaddha, and here’s why

Rahul Dholakia

Rahul Dholakia, the filmmaker, is the latest celebrity to lend his support to the upcoming film Laal Singh Chaddha, which stars Kareena Kapoor Khan and Aamir Khan. The film, which also stars Mona Singh, will be released in theatres on August 11.

In response to the boycott call, Rahul Dholakia tweeted late Wednesday, “Trolling a film because a cast or crew member’s ideology differs from yours is unfair to the other hundreds who labored hard to produce the movie.” They have pinned all of their hopes on the movie’s success in the hopes that it will help them make their aspirations come true. “Think about it.”

Trolls have been focusing on Aamir and his new film for quite some time. Many people have come forward to support him, urging everyone to judge a film based on its content rather than the ideologies of the people involved. Milind Soman has also given his support to the film.

Kangana Ranaut is the only celebrity who has publicly blamed Aamir. Kangana wrote a note and posted it on social media. It said: “I believe that all of the negativity surrounding the upcoming film Laal Singh Chadda has been skillfully curated by mastermind Aamir Khan Ji himself. Only south films deeply rooted in Indian culture or with a local flavor have performed well this year, except a comedy sequel. A Hollywood remake would have failed in any case.”

Aamir has also responded to the controversy, telling the media recently that he is sad because people believe he dislikes India, which is not the case.”I have a deep love for this nation… That’s just the way I am. Unfortunately, some people think this way. I want to reassure everyone that this is not the case, so please do not boycott my films and instead watch them “Aamir stated.

Most trolls have mentioned or shared clips from Aamir’s 2015 interview, in which he stated that certain people in India are becoming increasingly intolerant and that (his then-wife) Kiran Rao considered leaving the country for safety of their children.

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