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Ranbir Kapoor won’t be a piece of Imtiaz Ali’s film on Amar Singh Chamkila

Imtiaz Ali and Ranbir Kapoor are a destructive combo in motion pictures. They’ve given two splendid movies previously, Rockstar and Tamasha, and the couple is set to team up once more for another film. Following a long-term long break, the chief entertainer pair is in talks for a film and reports propose that Ranbir has given a gesture to the content too.

Hypotheses were that the film will be a biopic on disputable vocalist Amar Singh Chamkila’s life yet this isn’t the situation. The two would prefer not to team up for the biopic as it falls under a similar reason as Rockstar and Ranbir will be found in one of the two scripts that Imtiaz has been at the same time dealing with.

A source told an online entrance, “While the biopic of Amar Singh Chamkila was one of the movies Imtiaz was dealing with, he had two different scripts too that he was composing at the same time. One is a social film that conveys a message on self-destruction, the subtleties of the other film have been painstakingly left hidden. Ranbir’s film isn’t a biopic in light of the fact that it will carry him to a comparable Rockstar-like space with him playing an artist, albeit the tales are complete opposites. Ranbir’s film is one of the other two undertakings that Imtiaz has been preparing.”

Indeed, whatever the story, we love to see these two splendid artistes meet up.